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How to choose a good Digital Marketing Institute ?

“Identify bad Digital Marketing Institutes.”

Did you have a friend who joined a wrong institute and learned nothing more than few tools and useless old techniques? I do.   My friend Michael want to upgrade his career towards Digital marketing. He started watching videos about SEO and Google AdWords from Youtube. Read articles and followed Neil and other masters from the industry. After a month he decided to join an institute. Looked at Google, visited a website which came first at search result. Saw the review ……all 5 star. 20 out of 23 saying good about the institute. Another 13 saying good out of 20. In the website, you can find a long list of topics to be covered in 1 year, 6-month duration. And moreover life long support and placement guarantee. With a lot of hope, Michael joined the Institute for 6 months course paying something around 40K to 60K. And learned SEO techniques from someone who got no idea about sales and sales funnel in a company. The tutor had some theoretical knowledge, that is all. A total waste of money and time.

Few things to consider before Choosing a DMS institute,

Personal Branding – Is the tutor done any personal branding ?

Check about the tutors on the internet, you should able to find them on LinkedIn and other social media. If you are not able to find them anywhere, all you are getting the reviews on google, do not join the center. A person with little Digital marketing experience and 20 friends can create a good review on google.

who is going to train you is most important things to consider in any subject. Don’t rush, take some time,  read up on the faculty and their qualifications, their experience. One reason your not able to find the tutors are, they have bad reviews from old students. You can check his profile and find out how much experience he/She have, from linkedIn.

Check previous students profile

Coaching & Training Institutes have become a business & money making industry and they publish pretty fancy advertisements nowadays for lead generation. Worst kind of bluffing is offering an “internship”, everyone falls for it. A paid internship after the course, but the ad will be like “Join as an intern, work on live projects”. Every institute offers placement, and it never happens. In case happens, it will be a content writer or data entry job. Talk/Chat with few of the previous students, they will give you genuine opinion. You can find out about the company they work and position if the company offers internship you can directly apply. Take the phone and make a call, nothing to lose.

Work samples

If I am a Digital marketing expert, I will definitely have a portfolio with before and after analytics. Check the projects completed, check the institute website ranking and Domain authority, you can find it through free online tools like Ask for proofs, if they are making excuses without any particular reason ……do not join. They probably don’t have any projects.

Consult an Experienced Professional

Best thing to do is goto few institutes, get the details…..don’t fall for the urgent and offer traps. They will offer you 10% offer if you make an initial payment today. It’s only because they want their leads to be committed, if you find out more about the person/institute you will not join. So take your time, after getting the details contact someone who is already working in the same field. Show them the details you have, they will definitely help you.

If you’re not able to find anyone, mail us :

The strength of your batch

If your batch only have 2 or 3 members, and they already started the classes, there is a 200% chance they will lag the class with unnecessary excuses, until more people join or other smaller batch catch up with yours.  And is there really a point in joining a class that has a strength of 40 people.

Google have free course, youtube has enormous no of training videos, refer everything before joining a course.

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