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10 Top Online Tools for Editing Photos for Free

Writing all those thoughts into long unending paragraphs or using images to replace words? If the latter is your favorite, then there is a good news, especially if you are someone related to social media marketing or simply you like to see some large number of Leads to your website.

The usage of good creative on any online post helps you join quicker and on a deeper degree together with your audience, can reach exact Market trends.

Recent research reveals that, social posts with images get 650x greater engagement than those without.

Check out this collection of my personal favorites – some cool websites and apps that may help you with a hassle-free image creation:


Gifts are those quirky moving illustrations or photographs that had earned an awful call in last year, but people are only figuring out a way to use them creatively, with an emphasis on being clever and not time-consuming.

ezGIF is a website which allows you to create Gifs in a few clicks. They have options to resize, crop, reverse, split and all other kinds of editing you need for that perfect gif of yours.

2. Pixlr Editor or express

Pixlr-EditorSmudging, dodging, working in layers and so on are some of the old school photoshop terms, which scares a layman, while thinking of photo editing. But it’s not that technical now.

Pixlr is a website that offers tools for the web, mobile, and desktop and permits users to carry out any range of image modifying functions, either on the website or with the use of their pixlr-free photo editorapp. Words don’t confuse you here, for they use easy terms for better understanding and the results are always on the top notch.



So when you get a sparkling idea to convey an information or narrate a micro tale with an image on it; do you just discard it in your mind itself, just because you can’t design stuff? Here is an amazing tool for this purpose.

Canva is the drag and drop layout device which can be used on a desktop as well as on your mobile (canva– free photo editor and graphic design tool). It makes sure you can edit an image, make it into any size, write your thoughts or creatively put those taglines in; if that is not enough you can even tell stories through a college. Another important aspect of canva is that it protects picture integrity for print as well. So in case you need to print a personalized gift card for that special friend, doubt not to use canva.

4. PicMonkey


Picmonkey is another website/ app which allows you to quickly brighten up your otherwise dull picture. They have options to adjust the lighting, with a special focus on facial corrections like wrinkle removal, enamel whitener, softening airbrush etc that makes it a good pick for your unending selfie stories. You can create collages as well.

6. iPiccy

Ipiccy-free-design-toolLike some of the tools cited here, iPiccy is a browser-based software, so you don’t really have to download it to your laptop for working. This is another user-friendly tool which allows you to edit images, create collage and even do graphic designing in a few taps.

  1. BeFunky

BeFunky-Free-Online-Photo-EditingAs in the name, befunky lets you to be funky with colours and themes. It helps you to create content that is unique and fresh, also you get to cartoonize your pictures that make your content stick out from others.

9. Lunapic

LunaPic-free-online-photo-editorLunapic is another web-based online editing tool that has a number of filters, effects, borders, artworks and also edit, adjust colours and lighting and draw your images. Lunapic lets you experiment with text and image animation as well.

10. Aviary

Aviary-Free-online-Photo_Editor1.4 million customers have been praising Aviary and it is still flowing. It is an easy to use and good-looking app which is one of the top-rated image-enhancing apps in google play.

Aviary is loaded with functions that are capable of making your pictures a visual treat and unique.

Whether you are using a free photo editing software program or willing to spend for a paid device, you don’t need to be a designer to create your own memes or illustrations or edited snapshots before sharing with the whole world. For business purpose, to create quality leads it always recommended to hire a good Design Company.

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