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Main Duties of a Lead Generation Company ?

Main Duties of a Digital Marketing company in order to Generate Qualified Leads?

First things first, Every company need to focus on getting the right traffic, customers who will significantly contribute to the growth of the business. You want the people who are most likely to become prospective leads and, ultimately, happy customers.

  1. Market Analysis

Market Analysis report would consist of an overview of the sector that helps the business to understand the competition of their current business field. It will reflect whether the specific industry is growing or not, helping you identify your business development strategies to capitalize on the market. It will also be helpful for the business to establish its parallel verticals.

2. Competitor Analysis

One of the most important activities for any SEO process is competitive analysis. This process should correctly identify your SEO targets and provide fundamental input to establish your overall strategy.

Depending on the type, industry, and scope of the SEO process, this analysis can become quite complex, as there are many factors to take into consideration—more now than ever before.

Create Awareness

Few actionable and creative techniques to spur up your lead generation:

3. Website Design and Layout

Your business’ website acts as a customer service representative. It is one of the first interactions that prospective customers will have with your business. The design of the website is one of the main factors that potential customers are looking for while purchasing products or availing a service.

  • They will value your business based on the quality of the site.
  • A professionally designed website tends to attract more customers than a poorly designed one.
  • The layout of your website needs to be simple yet attractive.
  • The amount of traffic to your website has a direct relationship with its revenue. More traffic translates to more visibility and profitability.

Apart from attracting more visitors, the most important thing to focus on is keeping them engaged right from the start. Successfully engaging prospects through solid web content are crucial for capturing contact information and converting them into leads. It ensures that visitors don’t simply bounce from the website without a second thought about the product or services.

4.Provide Lead magnet

Use Lead Magnet as a free resource to collect your lead’s data is definitely a smart and cheap strategy. A free lead magnet could be anything from a small e-book to a small educational course. Pay attention to one important element in this strategy: you shouldn’t collect only leads but generate value from the exchange with the user. You’re giving away to your potential client something that could be a game changer in your relationship. It can build trust and authority, and for this reason, it is important to not undervalue what are you giving as a free lead magnet.

5. Offer demo/test of your product: It can sound like a piece of old-fashioned marketing advice, but today to create a demo or test for your target audience is very effective. What could be the better way to let people know about your product and at the same time try it for free?

6. Content is king

It’s said that “Content is king,” but in reality, “Quality content is king.“

Creating and sharing targeted content that answers the questions of prospects and addresses relevant issues, helps increase a company’s’ lead prospects drastically.

Quality content will automatically attract more links. So, what makes quality content? Here are some tips.

  • Be original
  • Add relevant images and videos
  • Keep it simple; write short and pointed content.
  • Create content that is written to a targeted audience.
  • Make it easily accessible on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

Xerox increased its readership by 300-400%, included an additional 20,000 fresh contacts, scheduled 1,000+ appointments and yes – procured $1.3 billion in revenue, purely by partnering with Forbes and creating a magazine offering business tips to business owners.

Did you know that 23% of total internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs? Which means that’s where a major chunk of users obtain information and knowledge. Blogging has the potential to drive a significant amount of leads into your sales funnel.

7.Search engine optimization (SEO)

When you compare first-page results with lower-ranked pages, there is usually an extreme difference in quality. People generally tend to prefer the results in the first page for that reason., High-ranking placement in the results of search engines (GoogleYahooBing, etc.) ensures easy accessibility and a steady flow of visitors. You need to make sure that your content appears prominently on the web.

The first and the foremost strategy is to optimize your site for the top search engines that can enhance your standings in the SERPs and can give you an increasing number of organic hits. Higher on the SERPs simply means more lead generation that you are an authority in the eyes of visitors. Most of the visitors do not go to the second page and when they need to hire someone they do so from the first few options shown on the search engines.

So, hiring an expert can do the trick for you. Someone who can do the off page, get into the back end of the site and fix h1, h2, tags and add off-page SEO. Also, you need to ensure that the metadata is correct, can fix errors, name the pages etc.

8.Marketing through social media

Social media has become a legitimate lead generation channel because of it‘s advanced targeting opportunities for age groups, geography, areas of interest, and more. Companies need to understand that the number of likes, shares, comments, and followers may not guarantee a transition into sales, but if prospects are nurtured correctly, they will.

Convert the Leads

9.Monitoring media activities

Listen to your customers’ questions, comments, likes, and dislikes, and reach out to them with content tailored to their interests and challenges. Adding value to conversations on social media by posting professional expertise is a great way to generate qualified leads. Valuable posts will be shared most, ultimately leading to more site clicks. The gain from social media monitoring can be measured easily, since you are already a part of the conversations, and you have the expert information available at the click of a button. In a broader perspective, use of social media monitoring for lead generation spurs close leads and marketing integration.

17.9% of B2B companies and 24.8% of B2C marketers say that social media lead generation is even more effective than PPC or SEO. Furthermore, a whopping55%of marketers say they’ve closed successful deals originating from a social media lead!

10.Industry-specific landing pages

To an online marketer, contact information is the most valuable resource there is. In the end, if you don’t know how to reach out to your visitors with content tailored to their interests, all your previous efforts go to waste.

Redirect your website visitors to a carefully curated and optimized landing page where they can submit the necessary information in order to gain further access.

11.Call To Actions!

CTAs are a small but a highly impactful tool for optimizing inbound marketing and lead generation. They transport the website visitor from one piece of content to the next for mutual benefit. They are better informed and marketers have a better opportunity for conversion. It’s important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to create an effective CTA:

  • Be clear about what you’re offering

Be specific about what your offer is. If you’re giving away a free guide, say “ Download our FREE guide to X,” where X clearly conveys the benefit of receiving the offer. This is much more effective than “Download now” or “Get a free guide.”

  • Use images rather than text to stand out

Images and content in the form of eye-popping visuals stand out more on a webpage than text does. They are hard to ignore, and they capture the attention of the audience easily.

  • Use colors that contrast with your site’s color schemes

Your designer might lose his mind over this. But if your CTA blends too much with your site’s color scheme, it won‘t stand out. You want as many eyes to land on the CTA as possible, so it’s better to use contrasting colors.

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